Established in 2020

After obtaining an associates degree in business later in my adult life, I accepted a job as a business manager for a small, local game shop. One of my job duties was bookkeeping, and out of all the tasks I completed, that was my favorite. And from there, I decided that I would like to start a bookkeeping and tax preparation service and finished my bachelors degree in Business Management.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Slippery Rock University (5 Accounting classes were part of the curriculum.)

Experience: 3 years as a bookkeeper, 10 years of filing small business tax returns

The Goal

Vision Statement:

The vision of Thompson's Bookkeeping & Tax Service is to contribute to the confidence of entrepreneurs in their quest to build and maintain prosperous businesses and individuals in their quest to maintain happy and productive lives all across the state.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Thompson's Bookkeeping & Tax Service is to help individuals and small businesses succeed by taking control of their financial health.​

Annette Thompson

Managing Owner

​Tax Preparer & Bookkeeper